My name is David Varhelyi.

I am currently living in Stockholm and studying Digital Media Creative at Hyper Island.

My passion is developing concepts and creating environments where teamwork is nourished. I enjoy coming up with ideas and turning those ideas into websites through simple language and design.

I created my own dating website for valentine's day 2017. For my friends birthday I created this celebration to his hashtag. As my school is kind of a cult, I also created a quiz where you get to test how crazy it actually is.

I really love diving into new subjects and theories, therefore, I've become very trend sensitive over the years. You can ask me anything about American Presidents, Japanese arcitechture or internet trends.

Turning complex problems and abstract ideas into feasible concepts is one of my biggest strengths. I developed a Guide to Brand Loyalty in the Polarised Age where you can read all about how to make brands revelant.

It's important for me to create long lasting meaningful relationships. Therefore I created a card game that helps you get closer with your friends. An app is currently in development.

You can follow me on Instagram, befriend me on Facebook and see my professional side on Linkedin. Of course you can also send me an Email.